Wauna La-Mon’tay Update – May 2022

Hello Section G16,

I am super happy to report that Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge has been having an excellent year so far! At our spring Rendezvous in March, we elected two interim lodge officers: Cole Thomas – Membership Vice Chief and Truman Grace – Communications Vice Chief. In attendance at the event was Gateway Region Chief Dirk Smelser. Overall, the event was a blast and I cannot wait for fall Rendezvous.

In April, we debuted our new Inductions Workshop event, WICC, at Camp Meriwether. It was a huge success and I look forward to seeing how our Induction Weekends improve compared to previous years. This year we will have three Inductions this spring and one in the fall. I’m enthusiastic about our Inductions this spring to induct new members and get them excited about Conclave and active the organization we all care about.

I’m very proud of the progress Wauna La-Mon’tay has made toward High Performing on the Performance Measurement Program. The hard work of both the lodge officer team and all eight chapter officer teams have made our success possible and I am very grateful for all the hard hours they put in. As we move forward, I’m very eager to see what other great things this year has in store for Wauna La Mon’tay.

Mason Lewallen
Lodge Chief Wauna La Mon’tay Lodge