Participate in the Conclave-Wide Game

“Pathfinder Trail” is the official wide game of the 2022 Section G16 Conclave!

Using the conclave mobile app, participants will scan QR codes to “check in” at activities, training sessions, special events, and exhibits to earn points and complete achievements. 

There are four main parts to the Pathfinder Trail:

  1. Individual Competition: Arrowmen will compete against each other to earn the most total points and be crowned the Pathfinder champion!
  2. Chapter Competition: Chapters will compete against each other to earn the most points. To make the game fair, each chapter’s total score will be divided by the total number of chapter members in attendance at conclave to get an average. So event the smallest chapter can win the chapter competition!
  3. Scavenger Hunt: The scavenger hunt will take Arrowmen around to different museums and attractions at Powerland Heritage Park and conclave. At each stop, participants will be required to complete a challenge such as solving a riddle, answering a trivia question, or completing a task. The first three Arrowmen to complete the scavenger hunt and earn the “Scavenger Hunt” achievement, will win a special prize. Even after winners have been crowned, completing the scavenger hunt still earns points toward the overall individual and chapter score.
  4. Conclave Spirit Award: The Spirit Award is an individual award that every conclave participant can earn; there is no competition against others. Complete the requirements and earn the patch, It’s that simple. 

More information about the conclave-wide game will be available in the conclave mobile app starting in September for registered participants.