Momentum: Discover Recap

Momentum: Discover logoThe Order of the Arrow held its third virtual event in the Momentum series on April 23-24. Over 1,000 Scouts, Scouters and Arrowmen from across the country joined together for Momentum: Discover, an event focused on our organization’s roots — the outdoors.  The event was live streamed from several locations across the nation, including a studio in Connecticut and a council camp in each of the four regions. Northeast Region Chief Garrett Donais was live from Camp Sequassen in New Hartford, Connecticut. Southern Region Chief Nick Morey was live from Camp Strake in Houston, Texas. Central Region Chief Terry Hendriex was live from Camp Nash in Kansas City, Kansas. Western Region Chief Dakota Morosi was live from Camp Peaceful Valley near Denver, Colorado.  Momentum: Discover kicked off on Friday night with the opening show. Our national officers welcomed everyone to the event and set the stage for an amazing weekend of fun and learning on how to rediscover the outdoors, nature, and camping. Following the show, the national officers talked with the national chair of the Boy Scouts of America, Dan Ownby. The six national officers closed out the night with a fireside chat where they shared their experiences in Scouting and answered questions from premium delegates in the event’s community platform, Slack.  Saturday was crammed full of interesting training, fun entertainment sessions, and inspiring shows. Throughout the day, participants could attend live streamed training sessions on topics from reemerging post-COVD, to outdoor photography, and more. During the weekend, a program was introduced called Thrive Connect. Born from the 2019 Thrive national webinar, Thrive Connect is a coaching program to give lodges the mentorship they need to deliver their plan to become high performing. Learn more about Thrive Connect here. In addition to great training sessions, the weekend was packed with entertainment. The region chiefs competed in Region Chief vs. The Wild to discover which of the region chiefs could survive in the wilderness. In The Arrowman Challenge, each region chief was paired with a local lodge leader to compete in a series of challenges. During the OA Cookoff, each region chief had to cook a breakfast themed meal using the provided ingredients, including eggs and a secret ingredient unique to each region.  The evening kicked off with The Discovery Show — Momentum: Discover’s late night talk show. Host and national OA chief Derek Porter facilitated fun activities between the region chiefs and national vice chief, Greg Brown. Three Arrowmen, all Eagle Scouts, who have excelled in different fields were interviewed. Special guests included the Harvard student body president, Noah Harris, former captain of the USNS Mercy, John Rotruck, and NASA astronaut, Mike Fossum. Saturday evening wrapped up with the closing show, where some final inspirational words were shared from Arrowmen and our organization’s leaders.  While the live portion of Momentum: Discover concluded on Saturday night, Arrowmen are challenged to spend time outside this week. Premium delegates can continue to interact with Arrowmen across the country on the community platform, Slack, and participate in the event wide game through Monday, May 3rd at 2am PDT.