Chiefly Speaking: Reflecting on 2022

Benjamin FloresBrothers,

2022 was by far a year unlike any other for me and for Scouting. It brought new experiences and unforgettable memories. I graduated high school and recently finished my first term of college at Oregon State. I also got to serve as the Handicraft Director at Camp Meriwether where I got thrown into the lake five times during the summer. Scouting brought us a amazing NOAC and the first-ever G16 Conclave. Alongside so many outstanding events within our units, chapters and lodges.

With a new year, means we will all set new resolutions. My goal for the upcoming year is to create an effective schedule that balances out Scouting and school. I want a routine that allows me to be successful in both areas. I also plan on going to events at Oregon State that will allow me to experience new things. Lastly, I want to plan a conclave that will be meaningful for all to attend, especially our first-time Arrowmen that have never experienced a conclave before.

I urge that you set a goal for 2023 and step out of your comfort zone. Create one that will greatly improve yourself and those around you. If that is a goal related to Scouting or not, it will still have great impact. The new year is a opportunity to broaden your horizons and begin anew.

I can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring us!

Happy New Year everyone!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Benjamin Flores
Section G16 Chief