2023 Conclave Patch Design Submissions

The section is looking for patch designs for the 2023 conclave patch set. Both youth and adults are welcome to submit designs. 

You do not have to have a special graphics design program or skill to design a patch. All you need to do is meet the criteria below, and if needed, we have people who can help clean up your design for production.

All designs must meet the following criteria.

  • Include “Section G16”
  • Include “Conclave 2023” or “2023 Conclave”
  • Must have at least one of the following
    • OA Arrowhead
    • ‘WWW”
  • Be 10 colors or less
  • Be a standard geometric shape (i.e. circle, square, diamond, etc.)
  • Include the section beaver (preferred but not required)
  • Be related to the 2023 conclave theme “That ’80s Conclave” (preferred)
  • Avoid copyright/trademark material (including words/phrases)

In addition, any Order of the Arrow brand elements (logos) used must follow the Order of the Arrow brand guidelines (HERE) and any section logos must follow the Section G16 brand guidelines (HERE).

All designs must be submitted as a PDF, .jpg, or .png file and sent via email to [email protected] by February 18th. The designer of the selected patch set design will receive a free set of patches. 

Questions? Contact [email protected]