12 Things Every New Arrowmen Should Do at Conclave

As a new Arrowman, you have a unique experience attending conclave for the first time. This is likely one of the first Order of the Arrow events you have attended outside your Induction Weekend. There are so many things to see and do at conclave that it can all be overwhelming at times and you may be struggling to figure out just what to do at conclave. 

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! These 12 Things Every New Arrowman Should Do at Conclave are a great way to ensure you get the most out of your conclave experience. 

  1. Attend the VIA Friday Night Gathering: On Friday night immediately following the opening show is a special gathering just for new Arrowmen. This is your first big opportunity to meet new people, including the lodge and section officers, national chief, and region chief.
  2. Attend the VIA Luncheon: The VIA Luncheon is the premier event at conclave for new Arrowmen. This special lunch will feature remarks from the National OA Chief and Gateway Region Chief and OA floats! This is a must-see event if you are a new Arrowman.
  3. Watch the Officer Feud: On Saturday afternoon you can watch our section officers compete against our lodge chiefs in a FamilyFeud-stylee game show competition using answers provided by youth Arrowmen from across the section. This is a fun way to end a busy afternoon.
  4. Cut loose at the Evening Shows: One of the highlights for many Arrowmen attending conclave is the evening shows. Each night at conclave, all 400 conclave participants will gather together to laugh, joke, and be inspired. Whether it is singing “Don’t Stop Believin’” at the top of your lungs or catching free stuff thrown into the crowd, the evening shows are always a blast.
  5. Meet someone from another lodge: How often does a Scout from Portland get to meet a Scout from Coos Bay, or a Scout from Ashland? Conclave provides allows Arrowmen to meet Scouts from all over Oregon, northern California, and southern Washington. Take advantage of the opportunity to build new friendships. You never know what doors those “bonds of Brotherhood” will open in the future.
  6. Compete in the Conclave-Wide Game: The conclave-wide game, “Pathfinder Trail,” ties all the different aspects of conclave together in a fun competition. The consists of an individual and chapter points competition, scavenger hunt, and conclave spirit award. All of these different parts of the game serve to get you out and experience all that conclave has to offer.
  7. Meet the National Chief or Gateway Region Chief: The Order of the Arrow is only one of three BSA programs that elected youth officers that serve on the national level. These national officers were once new Arrowmen, just like you. Take some time to meet them and hear about their journey to national leadership. They are also full of ideas and stories from their travels to events around the country.
  8. Learn something new at the morning training sessions: The conclave training program offers Arrowmen the chance to learn something new. Morning training offers classes in a wide range  of topics from leadership and OA administration to ceremonies and outdoor skills. Whatever it is that you learn, we challenge you to take it back to your unit, chapter, and lodge and work to improve the program.
  9. Enjoy the afternoon activities: Conclave is supposed to be fun! So make sure to hit up all the fun activities on Saturday afternoon. From Mario Kart tournaments and sports competitions to tomahawk throwing and slacklining, there is something fun for everyone.
  10. Learn about our section’s history in the museum: You’re new to the Order of the Arrow and are just starting to gain a deeper understanding of our organization’s history. Our section has a rich history dating back to the 1940s! Make sure to learn all about it along with some history of our lodges and Scouting in the area at the section museum.
  11. Explore Powerland Heritage Park: It is not very often that conclave, or any event for that matter, is hosted at a venue full of history like Powerland Heritage Park. Featuring over 14 unique museums and dozens of other attractions, Powerland Heritage Park has a lot to offer including a John Deere museum, steam-powered sawmill, 1930’s Texaco gas station, car and motorcycle museum, and many more. Some of the museums will be open during the day on Saturday, so make sure to check them out.
  12. Help run Scout’s Own: The OA is a lot more fun if you get involved. One way you can do that is to help with the Scout’s Own on Sunday morning. Our special events committee wants YOU to get involved and help run this small, but important, part of our program. 

Above all else, HAVE FUN!